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Fantastic Game...

...but not worth the six dollars I paid for it. Dont get me wrong, this game is beautiful, and puzzling. The 3D puzzles have you thinking while the soundtrack is breathtakingly soothing. But the lack of levels at the fact that you have to pay another three dollars for more is not exactly fair. I sincerely hope they come out with more levels in the future - for free.

Fail to launch app after the update


Do not work.

Latest version does not work. I believe repair soon.


I was so excited and moved when I found this game. "Aida" Is she the craw!? トーテム君が大好きです。健気にアイダについていく姿が本当に可愛い。

No new levels

No more new levels more than 1year

New level

New level please


More levels !

Too short

And the additional levels even shorter



Game crashed after update!

Good game, but after last update not opening! Developers, fix this bug, please!


After the update it doesnt open

Crash in iPhone 6

With your last update the game crashes. Please fix

È uno scherzo?

Scrivere: sorry folks, no new levels. Just some general improvements. E ora lapplicazione non si riesce nemmeno aprire, va immediatamente in crash :(

Well done

Incredible game

Thanks for the quickly update!

Best game ever

More levels please! This is absolutely the best game ever! I never play with games but this the only and the one!! I love it!!!

Too easy and too short

I finished all the levels way too fast and never felt challenged. I wasnt stuck of even a few seconds on any of the levels. Not worth the money for me. Looked nice and wasnt annoying to play so 2 stars but I wanted to be challenged a little more.


I loved the artwork and story behind it! Definitely worth buying. I love how its a puzzle/mind game, but tells a story at the same time. Very happy with my purchase!

An absolute must. Brilliant.

Games like Monument Valley are too rare but I guess thats one of the reasons it is also precious. The atmosphere and gameplay are fantastic. Dont miss it!


This game is amazing! I love how it forces you to look at perception and how easily it can change. Each puzzle is so beautiful.

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