Monument Valley App Reviews

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Love this game!!! Hopefully new levels will come.

I liked it but...

When I first bought this game I thought it was a little overpriced then after I finished the whole game in a day I knew it was overpriced! This game should be free and then if you want more you could buy the extended version for $2.If you dont mind the price($6 in all if you buy the extended version) I would say get the game because its super fun and works your brain a bit!!

Why cant more games be like this?

Played through the game and the Red expansion a year or so ago and still find myself thinking about it. The quality of design (sound, visuals, interactions) created a really immersive and captivating experience. The physics-defying puzzles are also pretty mind blowing at times. Highly recommended.

Mind blowing!!!!

I absolutely love the concept of this game and I have never seen anything like it. From the time of purchase I was unable to put the phone down, I bought forgotten shores as well. Ustwo, excellent job please make more levels

Beautiful and amazing

I can do this over and over without getting tired of it


Ive been playing video games my entire life and this is by far my favorite game I have ever played!

Love this game

I love this game and wish theyd add some more levels.

Favorite app no lie

This game is amazing I love the graphics and all I love everything about this game tbh

Good game too few levels

I bought both the app and the forgotten shore for $6 total and took me less than 1 day to finish. NEW LEVELS PLEASE!!!! No more separate purchase

Wonderfully Beautiful Game... Not enough levels.

I will have to say that I fell in love instantly with this game. Its really refreshing to play a game that is thoughtfully crafted in every way possible. I would pay for it again if I had to... My only complaint is that there werent a lot of levels. I beat the game within two days of playing. I was hoping for a long term game. I think that there should be more levels! Not quite worth the full $3.99 in that respect... But I still love it and I dont regret buying it whatsoever!!! My favorite game Ive played all year. ❤️

Probably the most beautiful game there is

I love it. It is beautiful to look at, peaceful to listen to, and mind-blowing to solve.

addicting game

this game is one of the best games i have ever played. i just wish it wouldnt end. it is so good. highly recommended

Frank Underwood

Saw this app in House of Cards and all I can say is: every penny is worth! Great game, grate music.

Too easy and not enough levels

I started it on a 3.5 hour flight and was done halfway through.

Relaxing and fun

At first I didnt want to buy it but then after playing it for about an hour I fell in love its so relaxing like if your mad or upset just play this game and it will relax you

Love this game! So fun and challenging!

I was in T-Mobile and I saw they had this game on their iPhone Displays. I looked cool and I bought it on a whim. So fun and so glad I did. Its challenging and love how the game works. Get it if youre skeptical youll be hooked in no time


This is literally the best game on the App Store. This is so worth the price, the levels look amazing and the gameplay makes you think and it just puts me in awe! Love this game.

Fantastic game

I usually never write reviews but this game just blew me away. Incredible graphics and challenging puzzles. The only downfall is the lack of levels. Money well spent on this game and it deserves being the 2014 game of the year

Fun game and beautiful

Very pretty and clever game. Several levels had me pretty stumped. Wish there were more levels or expansions so I can play more.

Favorite game.

Really one of my favorites. Beautiful and really needs ur full focus. Loved the graphic and music, as well as the passive intensity.

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