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I like this game, every thing is made well. The music, graphics and the idea it self, all of them are creative. I wish if there is part 2, then I will buy it immediately.

not worth it

4 dollars for 10 level and not challenging at all

Monument Valley

I love this app!! This is the best app ever invented. I upgraded every time there is something new! I wish they would come out with some more new update to further their game!!

Love it!

This game is really mind blowing! Its worth your money! With al sorts of illusions and puzzles! And one intense storyline!

Delightful game

A joy to experience. Fantastic graphics.


Minimal with beautiful scenery. A must if you like puzzles.

Pleeese create Monument 2!

This is such a great game; relaxing, just the right amount of challenge so you dont give up. After I play all the levels I wait a couple months, then play it again. I would definitely buy the next game! Great job game creators!

Worth every dollar.

No shame in spending a total of $7 for a masterpiece of a ten level game. Hoping for more levels even if its offered up with a price. Ill gladly hand over my hard earned money to these amazing creatures that built this game while lazily sitting at a chair staring at a screen making swift and elaborate clicks with a computer mouse. I offer you my currency, for more.

Insanely fun

Needs more levels.

Unique game with geometric spatial perspectives

This is a great puzzle game that is easy to learn. The levels gradually increase in complexity, but are not overly challenging and are not frustrating. With time and perspective, all of the puzzles can be figured out. My favorite part was Idas Dream, since those puzzles were the most challenging and require a good level of spatial manipulation in your mind to figure out, especially the final puzzle. I like that some puzzles require you to work in multiple planes to solve. It is worth the price, since the game is based on quality over quantity. I love the geometric shapes, 3D perspective, and look of the game too. I also bought the expansion pack, which adds more great levels to enjoy. The designers did a fantastic job in creating engaging puzzles.

Absolutely A Must Have

This Is unlike any other game, Its amazing and I definitely give It 5+ stars but theres only one Issue, need more levels, PLEASE DESIGN MORE LEVELS, PLEASE I BEG, I PLEAD, IM DESPERATE FOR SOME NEW CHALLENGING LEVELS PLEASE!

Short game

Nice design but it doesnt have a lot levels. The game while can be finished within a couple of days. By adding more levels it would probably gain more stars.


Not only that this game is a puzzle game, it an adventure! Obstacles that would definitely blow your mind. Amazing and can also be tricky but simply amazing. Beautiful artwork, I definitely love it! Great job @ustwo you guys did a fantastic job.

Best Game Ever

Monument Valley is easily the best game Ive ever encountered. I instantly became obsessed with it. If you were to only play one game, be sure to make it this one.

Great game!!

I love this game but definitely not enough levels. Please oh please make more levels and soon. Having withdrawals.

Beautiful game

Very much worth the download. Meditative game. Love the soundtrack.


cool game, nice aesthetic, but only 10 levels??? for $4???? absolutely ridiculous.


One of the best games Ive played on my phones. Its gorgeous and really interesting and I recommend that everyone try this game! I look forward to more from this game or from the group who made it.


This is a beautiful game. It surely lowers ones blood pressure. Beautiful music and clever puzzles let cares slip away....

Great app, but....

I love Monument Valley. Its addictive and fun, and the graphic design is superb. But for the life of me I dont understand why they developer fails to add new levels, or comes out with a Monument Valley 2, or improves on the game. The Forgotten Shores add-in was a good start, but that was over a year ago! Come on, ustwo, we want more!!!

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