Monument Valley App Reviews

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Take my money!!!

Ive bought the game. Ive bought the IAP. Im still waiting for more. Here Im, ustwo, the meme grabbing a fist full of money yelling "Shut up and take my money." Please release more levels or a sequel. Ill buy it, right away, throwing money at the screen if I have to. For others wondering about this game, shut up and buy it. Thank me later.

Amazing game but way too short

10 levels... I feel cheated. This game needs more. Absolutely zero replay value. Not worth it unless they make more levels.

Top shelf artistry

As an artist I found Monument Valley to be the first non-utilitarian app thats beautiful and engaging. Everything from the message to the stunningly rendered, Escher-like scenes to the game moves are aesthetically rewarding and meaningful. The fact that its non-competitive is a huge plus, and the appearance of an ally to help was a genuine surprise. I love the way Totems eyes are always on Ida...or the direction in which she will find the next successful step in her journey. Its a challenge yet calming, I could almost feel it exercising both sides of my brain even as waves of peace washed through it. Ive gone back to play all the chapters several times and it just gets better. I was more than happy to pay for the additional chapters and cant wait till a new one becomes available, but I recognize that the time and effort it takes to create such a thoughtfully made game must be I will try my best to be patient.

Absolutely Phenomenal, I WANT MORE

Enough said.

A Thought Provoking Experience

This game has definitely set the bar for a proper mobile experience. I would highly recommend to anyone. Its well worth your money. Hats off to this team for making those gears in my head run and for making me smile. Looking forward to what the UsTwo team will do next.

Awesome app and great levels with sub levels inside!

I was a bit sceptical about buying this app based on its more simple graphics, boy was I wrong. The simplicity is so neat and characteristic of the game style and works so well with the charming sounds the interactive play presents. I love that it is not timed and there are multiple layouts and methods per level. Not to mention since there are so few levels, each level has multiple stages to keep the gamer interested and thinking!! I would buy more again!

Awesome Game!

Beautiful graphics, M C Escher -like puzzles. Challenging and fun. Wish there were more chapters to play!

Needs more levels

If I spend 6 dollars on a game I expect more than this and I expect to finish the game in way more time than 2 hours

Favorite iOS Game EVER

This is hands down my favorite game for iOS! Beautiful, relaxing yet stimulating and often times challenging. Love it! Please dont stop making new levels!

Fun although...

It is really fun although it could be longer. 4$ for ten levels is not really worth it.

Beautiful game experience

This game is best experienced when not researched or watched as a playthrough online. Headphones are also a highly recommended option.

Its ok

It only took me two days to finish. And only a 45 mins to finish Idas dream. If I am going to pay $4 for a brain game, I want it to be a challenge. I want it to be super hard so that I get my moneys worth. In my opinion this game was way to easy for $4. I can say that the graphics and art was beautiful. But I do not recommend spending money on a game that you can finish in two days. Thumbs down.

Beautiful, but way too short

As others have noted, this is a visually stunning game. I agree with everything positive other reviewers have written. However, this game is easily finished in 30 minutes. For $3.99 I expect a game that lasts longer.

cool but..

this is a cool game, I love it. but its so short for the price you pay for it. I really wish there were more levels... please please add more

Very good but not enough levels for $3.99

Love the game but played all the free levels within a day and that was even in between working and making phone calls. Its $1.99 for the next set of levels. Not sure whether to buy them if I can finish them within hours... If there had been more levels Id have given it top marks.


Ustwo games cant just end the game in only 5 levels?! The game should be everlasting levels. Otherwise I love the game!

Good but…

This is a great game. I really like the art style and the complexity of the puzzles but do not buy this app. There are only 8 levels in the game and I finished it in 2 days. T is a great app but it needs updates with more levels in it.

Awesome app

I love this app! Its a great puzzle game! Its calming to take the little figure around trying to get to the finish!


This is the best game i have ever played. I bought all 3 versions. Wish they came out with newer levels

I liked it at first

I liked it at first but I think it only has 8 levels and only 1 spare level called Idas dream

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