Monument Valley App Reviews

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Ça bug dès louverture, dommage. Mais le jeu est génial


Crash will open / Crash dès louverture.


Cant open the game with 9:3:2 From 320 to 610 megaoctects!!! Help!!!

Captivatingly Beautiful

A wondrus & delightful game that draws you ever inward into it’s realm has we follow the enigmas set for the Princess, we are tasked to solve.

Dead since last update, brilliant before that.

Please fix it, bring that little jewel back to life !

App crash

App crashes on opening. Money down the drain. iPhone 6

Bug fixe , Thank

The game crashes when starting !

Sorry, ustwo

new levels are fine. Keeping the code in a proper state is better. AND: here it work fine!

mind blowing!

waiting for new Levels!

good but

the game is really good but its a bit to short

Amazing!! Gorgeous!!

The most beautiful and The best game of all time! really impressive! Its really worth it!

Too easy

Its a nice game but verrrrrry too easy... I completed the hole game in the same day... Not worth the price.

Worth it

Definitely one of the best mobile games Ive ever played, the art is amazing and the gameplay is fantastic

Beautiful game

Yeah, the game feels a bit short for the price. But it is so beautifuly crafted that its worth the price. Great challenges without requiring you to hunt down walkthroughs.

Eschers World Come To Life

This game has only ten levels. Now that weve gotten that out of the way, lets talk about how beautiful this game is. This is M C Eschers world come to life. Each level is a beautiful homage to his art. I find this game to be very relaxing, fun, visually stunning, the colours are soothing, the main character forms a bond with a beautiful creature (thanks for that heart wrenching moment, you guys) (you know the one). Bravo! I love this game. I dont know if its worth the price tag but since I got it for free, Im glad I got it.

Latest Update Crashes on iPad Pro 12.9

Normally great, but the latest version crashes on launch. Worked fine before the update.


So I download the update (on my iPhone 6) and the game continually crashes!!!!


This latest release appears to have broken the app. App now fails to open. Looking forward to having this fixed.


After the lasted upgrade the app crushes every time I open it. Please fix it ASAP.

Keeps crashing

Just updated the app today and now I cant even open it. Keeps crashing! I thought the update was supposed to fix bugs, but it created them instead...

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