Monument Valley App Reviews

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Beautiful and original

If youre looking for a game that you can play curled up on the couch during a quiet evening, this is it. Its not a particularly difficult game but its very visual stimulating. I love the stunning design and sound effects. an experience to be savoured like good wine.

Lovee this game

Loveeee itttt pleaseee make more Puzzles!!!


This game was so addicting and amazing, I need more I finished EVERYTHING! (Including forgotten shores) Please make more chapters. :)

Beautiful game.

Surprising, beautiful game. I even bought the extra levels.


Wonderful, beautiful app. Well thought out, fun, challenging. One of the best games Ive played from the app store. Look forward to getting more levels. Worth every penny!

Not getting what you asked for

It cost almost 6$ for a game that has 10 level thats right 10 level but if you want more level that another 3$ which is I think 6 or 8 levels please put more levels in the game then I will give 5 stars but for now its 1 star

Monument valley

This is one of the best games ever on iOS! Makes you use your mind but the graphics and music also relaxes you. A must have. Please make another expansion or sequel.


This is one of the most visually beautiful games Ive ever played. And the way that rotations are used to make impossible shapes into parts of a level is incredible. Extremely clever and well made!

Best Game Ive Ever Played

Such a fantastic app!! I find it not as tedious as candy crush etc. Its very stimulating both visually and strategically. THE VISUALS ARE SO INCREDIBLE. I love how there is a storyline woven in to the game. Would recommend to everyone, this game was fantastic! Ive played this game over and over again!!


Not enough levels but totally worth it! Thanks!

Best game ever

The top one app game


Probably one of the best phone games I have played in my life. The level of creativity that went into this is incredible. My entire family loves it, and I cant wait to show my friends. Great game :)


Seriously, 10 levels for $5.49??? I want my money back or more levels. It took me all of 45 minutes to complete.


I loved the graphics, game and, the sound track! Its more than worth the $5

Ida walks through the wall

Dear ustwo games, your game is absolutely stunning, nothing could contend it, but, there is a bug to report, Ida, in Idas dream can walk through the wall when she is on top of the totem, when you are facing the back of the windmill, at the point before you get onto the loft.

Beautiful game

I loved playing this game. I wish they would make a second one!

Beautiful but easy and to short lived.

For the amount of money it cost for this app I was expecting a lot more game time. Less than two hours game play wasnt really worth the money I payed, regardless of the ratings and how pretty it is. Plus you have to pay more for extra levels.

Best played with sound

I love monument valley its the most beautiful game ive ever played I would like more levels though :)

Loved it!

Great game and worth the money (including the extra 3$) Loved the graphics and the story line. Im so happy I bought this game!

More levels pls

Love the game but add more free levels or make forgotten shores free to make the price worth it

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